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Radical performance improvement through reforming management's control of their organisation and alliances:  

Tesseract Management Systems helps organisations transform their performance and systematically ensure their future success, through:

Leading edge methodologies, tools and support materials

Comprehensive guidance on using the immensely powerful QFD based approach to management and planning

Thought provoking ideas and exploration of the principles involved

Examples and case studies of success

Professional consultancy support

Everything you need to know about systematic management is available here. ... click on any hyperlink or picture that interests you to enter the site at the most appropriate point.

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Fast Perspectives...
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The Big Picture of Systematic Mgt.
QFD Transforms performance by 140%
(case study)
The best systematic resources now available without charge.
(tools and methodologies)
Putting management squarely in the driving seat
Managing by Design
- a handbook of
Systematic Mgt.

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Triumphant alliances - how to make your strategic partnerships work for you

(case study)