Tesseract ('tes‚rækt) n. the 4-dimensional equivalent of a cube.
[C19: < Ionic Gk tesseres four + aktis ray]

A short science fiction story tells of a scientist who invented a tesseract and built it into a house, which he then got trapped within. It seems that whichever way he went he ended up back in the room from which he started. He found that to escape he had to think about the situation in a totally different and unconventional way.
To us, this is analogous of management who tend to design their own operating structures and then appear to become trapped within them - driven by the very system that they themselves created. The 'Top-Box' model is our proposal that they should lift themselves out of their situations and look differently upon it.
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The Peinao Trust charitable fund for supporting work on alleviating physical, emotional and spiritual hardship
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